With Aarón Vila to the head, in 2006 born GRASP, Peruvian band that one came gestating some years before, with the idea of following the steps of that musical current begun in Seattle.

At the moment they have a production composed by 12 songs and released at the end of the 2011 in digital format.

Metáfora” es el nombre de este álbum, producido desde finales del 2010 en Cobi Estudios y con el apoyo de Alfonso Prialé (quien aporto ideas al disco) y el gran soporte de Paulo Osorio (bajista), pues entre los dos (Aarón y Paulo) se encargaron de darle forma y grabar este álbum debut, que posiblemente este mes de marzo pueda ofrecerse en físico.

Metáfora” is the name of this album, produced from final of the 2010 in Cobi Estudios and with Alfonso Prialé‘s support (who contribute ideas to the album) and the great support of Paulo Osorio (bass), because among both (Aarón and Paulo) they recording this album debut that this month of March can possibly offer in physical.

The proposal of Grasp offers a sound with a lot of vitality and with that rabid energy, very characteristic of the followers of the grunge.

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