[dropcap]P[/dropcap]ersona Non Grata, it is a greek band formed at the beginning of the 2003, by John Ioannidis (keyboards) and Chris Gatsos (guitars).

Mixing the sound of the rock that John adored to play, with the metal that Chris developed, they gave with a great progressive metal sound.

During almost two years, PNG dedicated their time in writing the music for their album premiere “Shade In The Light“, it was for this time that Bill Axiotis unites to the band like vocalist and they began the recording of this first album. Then asked as session musicians Akis Gavalas (drums) and Chris Vogiatzis (bass), to help to the recording of this work, but when having so much chemistry during the recording, they decided to stay permanently and they completed the lineup Persona Non Grata.

In November of 2009 Bill decides to retire of the band and in their substitution, join Aris Pirris who apart from its great voice, he demonstrated to have great disposition and effort, giving to the band that stimulus that him toward lack.

In the 2010, after their tours, they returned to the recording studio, to begin the recordings of their following production “Quantum Leap“.

The lineup has another modification with Apostolis Kaltsas who took Chris Vogiatzis’ place in the bass and he also record in the new album.

Quantum Leap“, is a sample of progressive metal of great level, if you are fan of bands like Dream Theater or Symphony X this work you will love.

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