From Melbourne arrives a highly lethal new proposal, ELYSIAN it is the name of this band that March 26 present its first full lenght “Wires of Creation.”

Followers of the melodic death metal, this quintet wants to be part of that more and more growing list of Australian bands that they are being positioned worldwide, like they are  KarnivoolDead Letter Circus, Psycroptic and Circles.

Mixing their passion for the metal and the progressive rock, by the middle of 2010 ELYSIAN released their EP debut self-produced, with which they decided to sculpt their name in the brains of the fans from the metal to the other side of Australia.

For this 2012 ELYSIAN this throwing “Wires of Creation“, which consists of 11 tracks that seek to hook you with their dark melodies and very solo technical interludes .

The band this preparing a video-clip, which will be thrown at the same time that they will make a tour for Australia in supporting their album.

Now you can listen a teaser of the track “Mans Design” taken from ”Wires of Creation.”

(click image for music)

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