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    With base in Viña del Mar, Chile, Alt-G or Alt Generation, is a band conformed by Claudio Menay and Pablo Alvea, influenced by the big classics of the EBM scene and industrial, this Chilean act that dates of the 2010, tries to revive and to combine the old school EBM.

    Alt-G has an absolutely energetic sound, with a polemic attitude and lyrics that show his disenchant for the politics and the social differences.

    For moments they make you remind the first works of Nitzer Ebb or as if the new recruits of that legion of Swedish bands that manage this attitude and styles silmilares of EBM old school, like Guerrilla or Agrezzior.

    At the moment they have a demo album “Engines of Change” and they are part of the Chilean label Orion Records.

    It seems to be that Ebmer returning to take the streets of South America.

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