[quote]José Gallo, frontman of THEREMYN_4 is one of the most fruitful musicians in the Peruvian scene. At the moment he is promoting their new album “Fiction Beats”, and one of their tracks it’s rewarded in a very important competition of New York.[/quote]

Is undeniable the great musician’s versatility, to which met him initially as drummer of the great band Huelga de Hambre, there for the 90’s.

With a well won position in the peruvian electronic scene, recently we were surprised with the news of having been winning in the category of electronic music of GRAND PRIZE 2011 of JOHN LENNON SONGWRITING CONTEST, competition that is developed in the New York city, and that it even bets in the final stage of this event, to be taken the maximum reward like “Song of the year”, in LENNON AWARDS, for it soon will be announcing the details of this award from their official website http://www.theremyn4.com/ and their facebook http://www.facebook.com/theremyn4.

Next the interview achieved by Disturbia [magazine] to Theremyn_4.

(click imagen for video)

This is the winning track of GRAND PRIZE 2011.

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